Why you should love your wrist wraps!

 The wrist wraps are a boom for weightlifters and gym enthusiasts alike. These wraps snugly fit at your wrist like a wristwatch and watch your rigorous training meticulously. The Fit Alliance wrist wraps are fully tested for the extreme environment of training and climate. They are designed with you in mind permitting zero slip tolerance. These durable and pleasant looking wrist wraps are available in three colours with a price as low as under $13 per pair.

Comfort, Safety and Utility:

These wrist wraps give a comfortable but tight top grade Velcro combination fitment so that you can concentrate on the lifting. The beefy thumb loops ensure additional slip-free performance. So you can adorn your wrists with a fry proof and slip proof wrap that offers the best safety to your wrists.

Right for Weight Lifting:

For weight lifting, many parameters need to be synchronised including the wrist movement. The wrist wraps would be ideal in reducing the possible knuckle displacements and dislocation. The wrap reduces the stress and pain in the wrists during rigorous weight lifting training. This is a perfect fit for your wrist during weight lifting.

Material Used:

These wraps are made from heavy duty, premium materials with a strong Velcro ensuring a snug fit and the reinforced stitching prevents fraying. The thickness, length and the width are optimised to the extent the best wrist protection you deserve. The wrist wraps are ideal for straight legged deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, T-bar rows, single arm rows and much more as well.

These wrist wraps are made out of supreme quality materials – cotton, neoprene, elastic, Velcro etc. assuring the best protection and performance for your wrists. As safety is the last thing you can afford to ignore during weight lift training, make sure that you are adorned with Fit Alliance wrist wrap. The product has an ergonomic fit and the one that you can depend on to safeguard your wrists.

Guarantee and Warranty:

This product will last for a pretty long time and carries a lifetime replacement guarantee. In an unlikely event that you do not like it, it comes with a money back guarantee as well.

Other Applications:

Besides power Lifting, these wrist wraps can be used for Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Strength Training, Powerlifting supports for Weight Training.  This unisex product is adjustable and is all that you need irrespective of the age of the user. You need support, circulation and protection to the wrist during heavy work out. These wrist wraps from the Fit alliance is also the right choice for Power Cleans, Clean & Jerks, Dead Lift, Rows, Plyometric Push-ups, Butterfly Pullups, Burpees, Kettlebells, Bodyweight training, CrossFit, Group Exercise, Video workouts, HIIT, boot camps, and much more. This product is also called deadlift straps.

Right One for All:

For men and women who care for their wrists need not look any further beyond Fit Alliance. The 18.5" adjustable wrist wrap is ideal for weight lifting training. Besides stability/ grip your wrist would get the necessary air and blood circulation. The 3" width of the band is sufficient to provide maximum and durable support and comfort to your veins in your wrists.


In case of regular and routine workout that relies mainly on wrists, these wraps are highly recommended. By using the wrist wraps, the blisters also could be reduced. The fitment and tightness of the wrist wrap may slightly vary with dead weight or pull up. A loose fitment may be called for at times. To rebuild your tender muscles, knuckles and ligaments in your delicate wrists as well as not to damage further, you need a proper wrist wrap. The pain is invariably associated with the jerks and sudden movement during the weight lifting process. To reduce this pain during lifts, wrist wraps are indispensable.

During weight lifting, the strain and stress on the wrists will be very high. The bending and load bearing will have an impact on the ligaments on the wrists. This physical condition will be cumulative as the time passes. Beginners, amateurs and professional weight lifters invariably need wrist wraps to avoid permanent injury. The protection offered by wrist wraps would be invaluable for sustained weight lifting training. The fatigue of the wrist will be slowly building up unless precautions are taken with proper wristbands.


The high-quality Premium Wrist Straps from Fit Alliance would be highly ideal for you, the weightlifter of class. You can depend on Fit Alliance who is having a long reputation for quality sports products. Fit Alliance never compromises on the quality and the products are brought out only after stringent quality control tests. Fit alliance wrist wraps are a product with a difference that you cannot be without during your nerve breaking activity in weight lifting regime.