Why the right Knee Sleeves can help you lift more on Leg Day

Sleeve that protects your knees

Invariably your knees happen to bear the stress, elongation, compression as well loads during the day to day activities. This situation is truer when the action involves exercise, weight lifting, weight training and gymnasium activity. During such sudden and load bearing movements, stretching of ligaments in the knees takes place. The cartilages in the knees are prone to damages during these acts. To mitigate the possibility of such harm, a good knee sleeve would is highly recommended.

The right fit knee sleeves

Fit Alliance knee sleeves are an ideal solution to circumvent such eventuality. They are made out of Neoprene, the perfect material for a protective sleeve. Besides protection, these sleeves provide better blood circulation. They can also assist in the recovery process for the already damaged cartilage.

Size that matters

The sleeves come in a universal size. That means, one size will suit men and women. Also, this elasticity permits different physical standards and age as well. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the quality, fitment or utility, you have all the option to return within 30 days – and absolutely no questions asked.

Pros of Fit alliance Knee Sleeve

The advantages of the ergonomic designed Fit Alliance knee sleeves are many. They are highly versatile and suitable for multipurpose applications. They provide necessary knee support and compression in CrossFit, powerlifting, weight training weightlifting, etc. The material of construction is Neoprene which is the right material to reduce the pain, swelling, displacements, etc. in knees. To avoid damage as well as the discomfort of the knee and the adjoining portions, a compression protection is ideal. Fit Alliance's knee sleeve provides more than this required safeguard.

Recovery and reduce recurrence

To a very great extent, the knee sleeve can accelerate the recovery procedure as well as can avoid further damage. The right curvature fit of the sleeve is the tool for all weight bearing activities. The knee sleeve having the correct contour is an indispensable protective device for muscle recovery as well as to prevent injury.

Knee sleeves are vital in promoting muscle recovery and injury prevention. Its contoured fit makes it optimal for Weight Lifting, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and other weight bearing activities. Fit Alliance knee sleeves are provided with reinforced stitches to ensure rigidity and durability. At the same time, the neoprene offers the flexibility when required and provide the right quantum of mobility.

The knee protection is crucial in keeping the cartilage expansion to a minimum. Maintaining the right temperature would help protect the knee cap from wear and tear and ensure proper warmth and bone joint.


Medically, the sleeve can be called as an orthosis, a bracing device to control the knee joint. A knee sleeve can restrict or assist movement in a given direction and help in uniform distribution of weight bearing load. Compression technology applied through a knee sleeve facilitates patella support. The sleeve can be worn all through the day due to the thin construction. The knee sleeve is provided with different zones to provide pressure in a gradual fashion- light, medium or high pressure.

In the medical field, the knee brace falls under the Knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFOs) category of knee orthosis (KO). This is altogether different from knee sleeves, even though both terms are used in the same context.

Easy Maintenance

The knee sleeve from Fit Alliance can easily be washed and maintained. The sleeve can also be beneficial for those with softening cartilage. The snug fitting knee sleeve helps the lubrication of knee joint intact. Few colour combinations are also available.

And the choice is obvious

You can be sure of an eco-friendly, cost efficient, durable and regenerative knee sleeve when you choose Fit alliance. At the same time, you can continue with your favourite sporting activities without fear of further damage to your precious knees.