• How Weight Lifting Belts Can Enhance your Workout

    If you have been to the gym you may have noticed few people wearing weight lifting belts. These belts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There was a time when all the people who worked out made use of these belts. Remember Mr. T, he used to wear one too. In fact he was hardly seen without one ever.

    Fast forward a few decades and it seems that the number of people who lift belted seems to have dwindled to a select few. Perhaps the major shift towards working out unbelted stemmed from the idea that using a belt could result in weaker back muscles and lower core strength.

    Contrary to popular belief that these belts support your torso and core muscles without you having to make an effort, the belt actually helps by increasing the use of the back and core muscles.

    Several studies point towards the following findings, which include

    • The belt has no effect on the erector muscles in the back, in fact wearing a belt increased muscle activity by almost 25%.
    • It also showed an increase in the activity in abdominal muscles.

    In other words wearing the belt would help develop core muscles instead of weakening them. The following are a few reasons why wearing a belt would actually prove to be a benefit.

    It helps support the spine by reducing the stress on it

    Some studies prove that wearing a belt can increase the pressure in the abdominal cavity by almost 40%. Think of an inflated balloon. The extra pressure on the abdominal muscles causes them to push inside and thus offer support to the spine from within. External pressure is created by wearing a weight lifting belt push the back muscles inside and thus offer maximum support to the spine.

    Using a belt creates better body bio mechanics

    Research has been carried out on individuals using belts while lifting, it was found that the belt reduced spinal flexion but in turn optimized leg flexion which enabled lifters to  lift objects with the help of their leg muscles instead of back muscles.

    Helps create a great workout session

    Imagine wanting to do the last 10 reps, you want to but you feel your body has stopped supporting you. Wearing a belt not only helped people exercise more but it helped them exercise better. Hey could go the extra mile and finish all their reps without feeling fatigued or tired. One research even goes as far as to point that performing squats while wearing a belt increased the muscle activity in the quadriceps and the hamstrings. 




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  • Wrist Straps For a Better Work-Out

         Have you ever visited the gym only to be disappointed by your inability to lift bigger and better? Don’t worry; all big lifters had to start somewhere. The key is to work out consistently and often make use of equipment which is meant to help you achieve your dream fitness strength.

    Wrist Straps for improving your lifting performance

    Wearing a wrist strap can provide you with the following benefits.

    • Provide the necessary support to your wrist. If you have lifted heavier weights you know the feeling of an over-used tendon pulsating with pain. Using a wrist strap can somewhat keep the pain at bay.
    • Since you don’t fee; a great deal of pain you find it easier to lift heavier loads
    • Also improves the number of reps you can do with the heavier weights.
    • Wrist straps can help you achieve targeted muscle development without a great deal of hassle.

    With so many of these benefits, it’s no wonder that wrist straps are a firm favorite with all fitness freaks. However it would be better to know that there are certain times when you might not need to use your wrist straps. For this take a look at the following guide of do’s and don’ts for wrist straps.

    The basic guide to using wrist straps

    • Always make sure that the straps you buy are from a reputable fitness dealer.
    • Beware of equipment which is cheaply priced. Though it’s by no means an indication that those straps won’t work for you but it can help save you from buying stuff which is tacky.
    • The more durable your wrist straps the better it would be for you. This would help keep your wrist protected from being over-worked plus offer the additional support to make your workouts better and more satisfying.
    • It even works great for people who suffer from tennis elbow or have a problem with lifting anything heavy.
    • When tying wrist straps always make sure that they are secure and tied well. for information you can take a look at some tutorials here
    • In your enthusiasm to tighten up the straps just make sure it doesn’t end up biting into your wrist to make you uncomfortable. These are meant to be tied securely and not to cause torture.
    • Also it’s good to keep in mind that not all exercises require wrist strips. Depending on these a great deal would somehow take away a bit from your workout.
    • The key is to use wrist straps only when you are into heavy lifting. For the rest of the exercises learn to develop your own grip and muscle strength.





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  • Why the right Knee Sleeves can help you lift more on Leg Day

    Sleeve that protects your knees

    Invariably your knees happen to bear the stress, elongation, compression as well loads during the day to day activities. This situation is truer when the action involves exercise, weight lifting, weight training and gymnasium activity. During such sudden and load bearing movements, stretching of ligaments in the knees takes place. The cartilages in the knees are prone to damages during these acts. To mitigate the possibility of such harm, a good knee sleeve would is highly recommended.

    The right fit knee sleeves

    Fit Alliance knee sleeves are an ideal solution to circumvent such eventuality. They are made out of Neoprene, the perfect material for a protective sleeve. Besides protection, these sleeves provide better blood circulation. They can also assist in the recovery process for the already damaged cartilage.

    Size that matters

    The sleeves come in a universal size. That means, one size will suit men and women. Also, this elasticity permits different physical standards and age as well. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the quality, fitment or utility, you have all the option to return within 30 days – and absolutely no questions asked.

    Pros of Fit alliance Knee Sleeve

    The advantages of the ergonomic designed Fit Alliance knee sleeves are many. They are highly versatile and suitable for multipurpose applications. They provide necessary knee support and compression in CrossFit, powerlifting, weight training weightlifting, etc. The material of construction is Neoprene which is the right material to reduce the pain, swelling, displacements, etc. in knees. To avoid damage as well as the discomfort of the knee and the adjoining portions, a compression protection is ideal. Fit Alliance's knee sleeve provides more than this required safeguard.

    Recovery and reduce recurrence

    To a very great extent, the knee sleeve can accelerate the recovery procedure as well as can avoid further damage. The right curvature fit of the sleeve is the tool for all weight bearing activities. The knee sleeve having the correct contour is an indispensable protective device for muscle recovery as well as to prevent injury.

    Knee sleeves are vital in promoting muscle recovery and injury prevention. Its contoured fit makes it optimal for Weight Lifting, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and other weight bearing activities. Fit Alliance knee sleeves are provided with reinforced stitches to ensure rigidity and durability. At the same time, the neoprene offers the flexibility when required and provide the right quantum of mobility.

    The knee protection is crucial in keeping the cartilage expansion to a minimum. Maintaining the right temperature would help protect the knee cap from wear and tear and ensure proper warmth and bone joint.


    Medically, the sleeve can be called as an orthosis, a bracing device to control the knee joint. A knee sleeve can restrict or assist movement in a given direction and help in uniform distribution of weight bearing load. Compression technology applied through a knee sleeve facilitates patella support. The sleeve can be worn all through the day due to the thin construction. The knee sleeve is provided with different zones to provide pressure in a gradual fashion- light, medium or high pressure.

    In the medical field, the knee brace falls under the Knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFOs) category of knee orthosis (KO). This is altogether different from knee sleeves, even though both terms are used in the same context.

    Easy Maintenance

    The knee sleeve from Fit Alliance can easily be washed and maintained. The sleeve can also be beneficial for those with softening cartilage. The snug fitting knee sleeve helps the lubrication of knee joint intact. Few colour combinations are also available.

    And the choice is obvious

    You can be sure of an eco-friendly, cost efficient, durable and regenerative knee sleeve when you choose Fit alliance. At the same time, you can continue with your favourite sporting activities without fear of further damage to your precious knees.

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  • Why you should love your wrist wraps!

     The wrist wraps are a boom for weightlifters and gym enthusiasts alike. These wraps snugly fit at your wrist like a wristwatch and watch your rigorous training meticulously. The Fit Alliance wrist wraps are fully tested for the extreme environment of training and climate. They are designed with you in mind permitting zero slip tolerance. These durable and pleasant looking wrist wraps are available in three colours with a price as low as under $13 per pair.

    Comfort, Safety and Utility:

    These wrist wraps give a comfortable but tight top grade Velcro combination fitment so that you can concentrate on the lifting. The beefy thumb loops ensure additional slip-free performance. So you can adorn your wrists with a fry proof and slip proof wrap that offers the best safety to your wrists.

    Right for Weight Lifting:

    For weight lifting, many parameters need to be synchronised including the wrist movement. The wrist wraps would be ideal in reducing the possible knuckle displacements and dislocation. The wrap reduces the stress and pain in the wrists during rigorous weight lifting training. This is a perfect fit for your wrist during weight lifting.

    Material Used:

    These wraps are made from heavy duty, premium materials with a strong Velcro ensuring a snug fit and the reinforced stitching prevents fraying. The thickness, length and the width are optimised to the extent the best wrist protection you deserve. The wrist wraps are ideal for straight legged deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, T-bar rows, single arm rows and much more as well.

    These wrist wraps are made out of supreme quality materials – cotton, neoprene, elastic, Velcro etc. assuring the best protection and performance for your wrists. As safety is the last thing you can afford to ignore during weight lift training, make sure that you are adorned with Fit Alliance wrist wrap. The product has an ergonomic fit and the one that you can depend on to safeguard your wrists.

    Guarantee and Warranty:

    This product will last for a pretty long time and carries a lifetime replacement guarantee. In an unlikely event that you do not like it, it comes with a money back guarantee as well.

    Other Applications:

    Besides power Lifting, these wrist wraps can be used for Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Strength Training, Powerlifting supports for Weight Training.  This unisex product is adjustable and is all that you need irrespective of the age of the user. You need support, circulation and protection to the wrist during heavy work out. These wrist wraps from the Fit alliance is also the right choice for Power Cleans, Clean & Jerks, Dead Lift, Rows, Plyometric Push-ups, Butterfly Pullups, Burpees, Kettlebells, Bodyweight training, CrossFit, Group Exercise, Video workouts, HIIT, boot camps, and much more. This product is also called deadlift straps.

    Right One for All:

    For men and women who care for their wrists need not look any further beyond Fit Alliance. The 18.5" adjustable wrist wrap is ideal for weight lifting training. Besides stability/ grip your wrist would get the necessary air and blood circulation. The 3" width of the band is sufficient to provide maximum and durable support and comfort to your veins in your wrists.


    In case of regular and routine workout that relies mainly on wrists, these wraps are highly recommended. By using the wrist wraps, the blisters also could be reduced. The fitment and tightness of the wrist wrap may slightly vary with dead weight or pull up. A loose fitment may be called for at times. To rebuild your tender muscles, knuckles and ligaments in your delicate wrists as well as not to damage further, you need a proper wrist wrap. The pain is invariably associated with the jerks and sudden movement during the weight lifting process. To reduce this pain during lifts, wrist wraps are indispensable.

    During weight lifting, the strain and stress on the wrists will be very high. The bending and load bearing will have an impact on the ligaments on the wrists. This physical condition will be cumulative as the time passes. Beginners, amateurs and professional weight lifters invariably need wrist wraps to avoid permanent injury. The protection offered by wrist wraps would be invaluable for sustained weight lifting training. The fatigue of the wrist will be slowly building up unless precautions are taken with proper wristbands.


    The high-quality Premium Wrist Straps from Fit Alliance would be highly ideal for you, the weightlifter of class. You can depend on Fit Alliance who is having a long reputation for quality sports products. Fit Alliance never compromises on the quality and the products are brought out only after stringent quality control tests. Fit alliance wrist wraps are a product with a difference that you cannot be without during your nerve breaking activity in weight lifting regime.

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  • Why we think Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are the best on the market

    Are you among the ones that are passionate about bodybuilding and going to the gym? Well, if yes, you would definitely want to get the most of your gym membership charges.  Working out in a gym to turn your body into an aesthetic kind sometimes requires that you choose the best accessories for yourself. They help your body transform and enhance your workout performance for more challenging advanced lifts and routines

    Do you want to enter gym with confidence on your lifts and your body has transformed to prove it? While going to the gym, you need to make sure that you wore the right outfit. Now that you are in the gym, you're supposed to make sure that you use the right kind of bodybuilding equipment and the right kind of accessories to support you during your intense work out - it could be a weight lifting belt, wrist wraps or the wrist strap! Maximize your gains while minimizing the risk of injury.

    As we are talking about 'the best' type of accessories here, it wouldn't be wise not to mention the Fit Alliance Wrist Straps. With the perfect professional quality and the high class material, Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are your ultimate partner to the gym. Fit Alliance Wrist Straps surely enhance your wrist, palm as well as your forearm movement. These straps provide extra flexibility and strength to your arms. Once you use them you will realize how much your weak grip has been holding you back!

    Advantages of Fit Alliance Wrist Straps:

    Regarding the quality and standards of the Fit Alliance Wrist Straps, the manufacturers have created them as one of a kind. Following are the manufacturing advantages of the exclusive wrist straps from the Fit Alliance:

    • Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are neatly stretchable as well as necessarily strong.
    • The heavy duty elasticity of these wrist straps don’t let the strength to be compromised.
    • These unique wrist straps are immune to fraying even after multiple uses over a long period of time.
    • The fabric used to create the Fit Alliance Wrist Straps is durable as well as reliable.
    • The material used for Fit Alliance Wrist Straps is comfortable besides being elastic and strong.

    The Fit Alliance Wrist Straps have been prototyped and manufactured keeping in mind the customers’ demands. And so far, they have been successful in producing the very best kind of wrist straps that attract the attention of many people around the world. Moreover, the Fit Alliance’s representatives are always available for any kind of queries or complaints from the customers. Hence, Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are loved by all the customers without any discrimination.

    The Fit Alliance Wrist Straps guarantee 100% satisfaction to their customers. These straps are made to last unlike the ones that wear out within a few weeks. Nevertheless, it’s not just a mere talk but Fit Alliance Wrist Straps have been tested strictly under extreme conditions to judge their capability and to make them worth every penny. This is one of the many reasons that why you shouldn’t go for any local wrist strap and compromise on quality, durability, reliability, flexibility and strength!

    Reasons to wear the Fit Alliance Wrist Straps:

    • Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are made to provide you with extra support and assistance during your weight lift.
    • Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are made with the exquisite material that guarantees defense from any kind of wrist injury or pain. A wrist injury can otherwise result due to inappropriate angle of the exercise or from fatigue after excessive workout.
    • Whenever you feel like hitting some extra sets or repetitions during your work out, it’s time to turn towards the Fit Alliance Wrist Straps. These straps will assist you even when you think your wrists aren't going to contribute anymore.
    • Fit Alliance Wrist Straps ensure you extra firm grip and additional strength that will assist you with your extra work-out without any danger of a wrist or forearm injury.
    • Moreover, Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are flexible and adjustable. Even though they are available in different sizes, they can be adjusted to suit your wrists perfectly.

    The aim of the wrist straps is basically to assist you with effective movements of your wrist/hand. For the purpose, they can be used in any kind of healthy or sport-related activity and help their wrists with the essential maneuver.

    Different types of Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are available:

    There are some that are suitable for heavy weightlifting or cross fit, while others are more suited to athletic purposes. Different types of wrist straps have different methods to wear. The most common way of tying the Fit Alliance Wrist Straps around your wrists is by wrapping the first hand closer to the second one. After adjusting the first hand with the help of your second hand, you can gradually move the second hand to the desired position. This way you can ensure that the Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are adjusted at the right position and you’re completely ready for your next workout session.

    Fit Alliance Wrist Straps are available with a great variety of colors and sizes. They are made to suit the needs of different people with different tastes. So just choose your favorite color and the size that suits you the most, and Fit Alliance will make sure that they provide you with the best wrist straps that you're going to appreciate throughout your work out era.

    Hit Your Fitness Goals Faster

    With your weight lifting grips, you'll throw up the most reps with the most weight of your life! Build strength evenly and optimum muscle appearance. Easy to apply or remove during exercise, super soft and comfortable.

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