China to lower cost of power projects 
United Arab Emirates stun Japan on penalties
  TAIPEI - Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou on Thursday urged efforts to strengthen cross-Straits peace, saying achievements made over the past six years stand as proof that seeking peace in this way is the right way to go.
  Yang Jinsong, a professor of international tourism at the China Tourism Academy, said the rise in transit passengers is a good sign that Beijings inbound tourism is recovering.
  Consequently we invite entrepreneurs who are the main LPs of our equity investment funds into the decision-making commissions and they can be very helpful when the deals we are going to invest in are in the fields in which they have expertise, said Shan.
  About 200 enterprises from home and abroad participated in the three-day exhibition that kicked off here on Saturday.
  The preliminary HSBC PMI reading for manufacturing was 48.
  Second, administration fees and supervision cost are no less burdensome.
  The measure ensures normal operation of the enterprise and provides the workers with a convenient journey home during the Spring Festival travel rush.
  Developer Maximiliano Firtman wears the prototype device Google Glass before a news conference ahead of the 2013 RigaComm event in Riga in this file photo taken Nov 4, 2013.
  No matter who wins, Tso will likely be well down the list of potential challengers.
  The author is a senior research fellow at Renmin University of Chinas International Monetary Institute.
He said since Ukraines independence, Russia has been supporting the former Soviet Union republics economic stability by offering natural gas at cut-rate prices.

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