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          It was then marketed and re-used as cooking oil.[2020-10-13]
          We realized the need to keep the ecological balance of the river through the ban.[2020-10-22]
          Seven human H7N9 infections have been reported in Shanghai, according to the citys health authority.[2020-10-31]
          Yang Songge, a renowned Chinese artist with a focus on portraying landscape in southwestern China, presented a collection of his works featuring New Zealand after his visited the country in September 2013.[2020-10-10]
          Corrupt government officials profiteer by hosting banquets for their childrens weddings, receiving handsome amounts of money and gifts from their subordinates.[2020-10-25]
          Mothers cry out for more nursing roomsMothers milkPrevious Page 1 2 Next Page.[2020-10-31]
          Developers have to submit detailed development plans to local marine administrative authorities and construction cannot begin until their plan is approved, according to the countrys Island Protection Law.[2020-10-1]
          Putin signs treaty for Crimea to join RussiaRussia works on to annex Crimea.[2020-10-15]
          The campaign was promoted by a number of high-profile users including actors Yao Chen and Zhao Wei and social critic Li Chengpeng.[2020-10-7]
          The fact that its prices are lower than those of other exporters does not mean that it is dumping the products at prices lower than domestic costs, says Wang.[2020-10-15]
          Januarys figures were the latest example of how Chinas buying of US Treasuries has fluctuated in recent months amid what the nations leadership says is an economic rebalancing toward consumer spending and away from investment and exports.[2015-10-24]
          This photo taken on April 19 shows Huang making another gesture which she repeats many times every day – and nobody understands what she is trying to express.[2018-11-10]
          Their success is bringing more women into Chinas technology industry.[2016-8-2]
          Figures from the 1990s by the Environmental Protection Ministry showed that more than one-tenth of the countrys arable land was polluted.[2017-4-18]
          11th century-256 BC), a widespread proverb went like this: Good-looking males can distract emperors from the wisdom of old intellects.[2017-12-23]
          Another trend the report pointed out: Chinas internet market is very influential in terms of scale and impact as a considerable number of internet giants, start ups and unicorns-new, non-listed companies with valuations of more than billion-are competing with world magnates in the field.[2015-12-7]
          A replica of the Great Sphinx in Chuzhou, Anhui province, March 3, 2015.[2017-8-16]
          After a year of study in a vocational school, she started operating a small tailor shop in her home.[2018-2-12]
          In the 1940s the floor of the Mogao Grottoes was half-buried in sand.[2019-1-16]
          Headquarters of all PLA forces should improve their combat readiness and sharpen their ability to win a regional war in the age of information technology, he said.[2019-9-7]
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