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          There are four border police officers and a border soldier in Zhangs station, in charge of 12.[2020-10-11]
          Greenert, who assumed his current post in 2011, expressed a hope for expanded cooperation between the two navies.[2020-10-10]
          It will offer Beidou-based navigation or positioning services to these nations in terms of cross-border transportation, fishing management, customs clearance and modern agriculture.[2020-10-10]
          The former chancellor, who led Germany from 1998 to 2005, parted with Americas views in 2002 by stating Germany would not provide troops or money for an invasion of Iraq.[2020-10-18]
          However, the new explanation seems to be no different from the previous one.[2020-10-7]
          Li flew to Lushan shortly after the earthquake struck and visited temporary settlements, hospitals and tents.[2020-10-22]
          About 6 million mu (400,000 hectares) of crops have also been affected and 311,000 head of livestock lack adequate amounts of drinking water, according to the headquarters.[2020-10-18]
          She then began working hard to hone her basketball skills, and finally obtained Chinas level-1 athlete certificate.[2020-10-7]
          Rescuers continue to search the scene of the landslide, which happened on Wednesday morning in the village of Sanxi, Zhongxing township, in Dujiangyan city.[2020-10-2]
          Lin Feng, another seaweed grower, said he could not even recover his cost after harvesting none from an area of more than 30 mu.[2020-10-5]
          Li Zhi, a 31-year-old engineer from Beijing, got tired of the huge crowds lining up at this time of the year in Chinese cities to buy train tickets to their hometowns.[2016-7-17]
          Police will also enforce security near campus to protect primary and middle school students.[2016-7-12]
          Dai himself was charged with taking bribes of 2.[2016-11-27]
          It is said that the State Forestry Administration and the policy bureau have carried out further investigations into the deaths.[2018-1-5]
          French politicians from both the left and right have voiced fears about sacrificing jobs and the possible closure of local factories at home as a result of Dongfengs acquisition of PSA.[2015-1-25]
          Apart from the damp weather, a shrinking market also plays a role in the decline of seaweed sales.[2019-7-4]
          The parade will by no means be used as a tool for flexing Chinas military muscle nor target any country.[2019-11-28]
          Effectiveness Since taking the rotating G20 presidency at the end of last year, China has done considerable amount of work, Zhang said, citing the initiation of the G20 trade and investment working group and the institutionalization of the G20 trade ministers meeting.[2019-6-26]
          With the development of matchmaking sites on the Internet, more and more Chinese turn to such websites since these allow them to filter the requirements for their ideal partners.[2019-2-10]
          The service sector contributed 55.[2015-3-2]
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