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          Security guards try to tackle an incident of violence during an emergency drill at a shopping mall in Hefei, capital of East Chinas Anhui province, Sept 2, 2014.[2020-10-17]
          Its the first time that so many troops and so much weaponry have been deployed in joint drills under the SCO frame, said Wang.[2020-10-5]
          BEIJING - Chinas logistics industry experienced a downward trend in February largely due to holiday factors, according to a new index that debuted Tuesday.[2020-10-20]
          Instead, he called it lasao, a homophone for spicy sister-in-law in Chinese.[2020-10-31]
          It was a very tricky match, said Murray who won his first Grand Slam at the US Open in 2012.[2020-10-13]
          It has sent staff to look for the panda in Yingxiu.[2020-10-27]
          They tried to prevent rebel fighters from abandoning their positions in Yabroud after the wide-scale offensive of the Syrian army.[2020-10-5]
          Beidou is the fourth navigation satellite system in the world after the United States GPS, Russias GLONASS and the European Unions Galileo.[2020-10-10]
          [Photo/cnr]BEIJING - A wholesale market in downtown Beijing has closed and is expected to move to neighboring Hebei Province in a move to reduce traffic congestion and population density in the capital.[2020-10-29]
          The Palace Museum in Beijing may have wider jurisdiction over its neighboring areas in the future, according to a draft blueprint released on Tuesday.[2020-10-27]
          Running on Nov 14-20 in Lima, the APEC Week will bring together leaders, senior officials and business elites from the 21 member economies to discuss the future of international trade policies, economic growth and improvement of living conditions.[2016-4-3]
          The joint patrol marked the restoration of international shipping services on the Mekong River that had been suspended since deadly attacks on Chinese cargo ships on October 5.[2018-11-26]
          Containing countless varieties of fillings that include bean paste, Chinese dates, lotus seed paste and the classic egg yolk, boxes of moon cakes are given as presents in a time-honored tradition.[2019-5-22]
          PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILYNo excuse for sexual harassmentGirls outperform boys at school?The original piece: http://bbs.[2016-6-5]
          The 11th G20 Summit will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang on Sept 4 and 5.[2018-6-29]
          This is, however, only the beginning.[2016-9-30]
          This is all because Apples real target is Googles Android, the only worthy rival to the iOS.[2018-7-6]
          The high-profile users also magnify grassroots voices through their reposts and thus can pose challenges to traditional media.[2017-7-12]
          We want to have this ability to manufacture some components to replace those worn components, Arkhom said, adding that by this way Thailand can also decrease the cost of maintenance.[2017-1-5]
          College campuses turn into flea markets during graduation season every June to July.[2017-7-24]
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